Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Late Night Chat (a.k.a. what grad students talk about when they're not actually cooking or working)

The following is an excerpt from a recent Skype chat we had.  I will actually post about cooking and food again sometime in the near future.  I just need to finish a huge amount of little work first.  Next week, I am all about the spritz cookies!

[12/15/09 10:41:55 PM] Diana : And then I realized last week that I should have looked at a particular document in London last year, but I didn't
[12/15/09 10:42:15 PM] Diana : and know I read references to it  all over the place in books and articles I've been reading for the past two years
[12/15/09 10:42:24 PM] Diana : Tell me how that one escaped me!
[12/15/09 10:42:34 PM] Regan : I understand!
[12/15/09 10:42:50 PM] Regan : I'm always finding things that I should have looked at.
[12/15/09 10:43:21 PM] Regan : Hell, I still haven't read about 90 percent of the secondary sources that I should have!!
[12/15/09 10:43:46 PM] Diana : Yes, but you don't have to present a chapter in less than a month
[12/15/09 10:43:48 PM] Diana : :)
[12/15/09 10:43:50 PM] Regan : Anyway, I still think that you're super fancy and totally awesome for doing such difficult research.
[12/15/09 10:44:06 PM] Diana : lol.  It's not that fancy
[12/15/09 10:44:14 PM] Diana : but I did find this super cool quote today:
[12/15/09 10:44:35 PM] Diana : "Former director van den Heuvel has consumed himself so much in his agitation, either from the furies of his conscience or from fear of punishment, that he remains alive without hope, abandoned not only from his friends, but also from the old woman who had nursed him, as if in retaliation, he now has to pay for his former brutality."
[12/15/09 10:45:18 PM] Diana : Doesn't that sound so mean and vindictive?  The man died soon after.  K had been writing to him begging for a post transfer, which he was never given
[12/15/09 10:48:15 PM] Regan : Did K write that?
[12/15/09 10:48:25 PM] Diana : Yeah.  To one of his friends
[12/15/09 10:48:48 PM] Regan : sad.
[12/15/09 10:49:03 PM] Diana : Yes, sad, but also an awesome quote
[12/15/09 10:49:31 PM] Diana : Apparently this is how you're remembered when the weak ties of intellectual friendships break down
[12/15/09 10:50:26 PM] Regan : (shake) You're such an intellectual historian.
[12/15/09 10:50:37 PM] Diana : What does that mean?
[12/15/09 10:50:38 PM] Regan : Don't try to deny your true self.
[12/15/09 10:50:43 PM] Diana : I'm cultural history all the way
[12/15/09 10:51:07 PM] Diana : You and [mutual friend] can go play in your little social history corner
[12/15/09 10:51:09 PM] Diana : :)
[12/15/09 10:51:27 PM] Regan : whatevs.
[12/15/09 10:53:07 PM] Regan : Don't worry - I'll have some awesome quotes about books in Yorubaland to share with you soon.   (y)
[12/15/09 10:53:18 PM] Diana : awesome
[12/15/09 10:54:21 PM] Diana : I can't wait to hear more about what you have found.
[12/15/09 10:55:09 PM] Regan : it will only take one minute to tell - not that much!
[12/15/09 10:55:26 PM] Diana : oh, stop it!
[12/15/09 10:57:14 PM] Regan : I'm not trying to be modest . . .
[12/15/09 10:57:39 PM] Diana : I know.  But it seems almost all academics are self-deprecating
[12/15/09 10:58:38 PM] Regan : But you know what would encourage me?  A fresh salad, some crusty bread and smelly cheese and a big glass of wine.
[12/15/09 11:01:39 PM] Diana : I don't know if I can help you with a fresh salad, but I can help with the rest
[12/15/09 11:01:52 PM] Diana : Endives are in season, though
[12/15/09 11:02:01 PM] Diana : I could make a salad out of that
[12/15/09 11:03:12 PM] Regan : that sounds good.  really, any fresh vegetables - everything is cooked here, for safety.
[12/15/09 11:03:27 PM] Diana : oh, right
[12/15/09 11:03:40 PM] Diana : That would be tough for me
[12/15/09 11:04:58 PM] Regan : But the fruit is amazing!
[12/15/09 11:06:06 PM] Diana : Why would you tell me that?
[12/15/09 11:06:21 PM] Diana : I've been eating bananas and tangerines for the last month

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