Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to tell it's April in Amsterdam

1.  The daffodils are almost finished blooming and the tulips are almost ready.

2.  Amsterdammers are sitting on terraces and drinking witbier.

3.  We slept with the window open last night.

4.  The dog has been led deep into the wilds of the park in search of the sources of the million smells his nose is taking in.

5.  I ran outside in shorts, a t-shirt, no hat, and my ears and hands didn't get the least bit cold.

6.  The sun now sets at 8:30 p.m.

7.  There are lambs interspersed throughout the herds of sheep.

8.  I have this relentless urge to eat salad.

9.  People just keep smiling as the whiz past on their bicycles sans coats, gloves or scarves.

The real reason that I know it is truly April in the Netherlands can be summed up into one foodstuf.  Guess what I had for dinner tonight.

10.  This right here is spring on a plate...
That's right.  I had white asparagus for dinner.  Asparagus season is upon us, my friends.  I think I've almost wrangled Niek into a trip to the fields in the south of Limburg just so I can experience it in all its glory.  I hope to tell you about it once I convince him to go.


  1. Dad and I ate green asparagus and onions for dinner.

  2. Witbier and white asparagus... I actually cried a little. Can't get real witbier here (doesn't travel and homebrewers never get it right). A few months from now, Berliner Weiss will do the same thing to me.

  3. Steve, I remember coming back to the States after discovering witbier and feeling very sad that I couldn't find any. I'll have to ask Regan's husband if he knows of a good American witbier. He's a homebrewer and all around beer enthousiast, so maybe he knows of some secluded, Belgian Trappist monks living in the North Woods, ready to bestow on you the greatest gift the Low Countries could give you.

  4. Steve, I feel you on the freshness of witbiers. Don't know if you already tried these Witbiers but here are some that I have enjoyed. Granted these are all American, but at least they would be "fresh".

    The Bruery - Orchard White
    Allagash - Allagash White
    New Belgium - Mothership Wit
    Avery Brewing- White Rascal

    I'll keep an eye out for more since the season is coming up. What are your recommendations for Berliner Weiss?