Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping and the Dutch Bike

Just wanted to share how I get the shopping done when Niek isn't around.  We do the non-Dutch thing of buying groceries once a week.  Unfortunately we were just too busy helping a friend move on Saturday to make it to the store.  This morning, because there was basically nothing left in the house and I had been reduced to eating almond butter and raisins with a spoon, I hopped on my bike and did some shopping.  The weather was beautiful today and biking along in the sunshine put me in a great mood.  After living in Los Angeles for so long where people will get in their cars to drive literally a few blocks, it feels kind of liberating to be in such a bike-friendly place.
Below is my bike.  It has no gears, a pedal brake and a little bell to warn the tourists who walk into the bike lane.  I love it so much.  Sorry I had to take the pictures inside the garage.  I wanted to show off the pretty day in the background, but it was too complicated to balance the weight of the grocery bags on the bike without the support of a sturdy column.  Hope the weather is becoming just as lovely where you are.

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  1. I would be afraid that I would tip over with those groceries hanging from the handlebars.Good for you, Diana, that you are more coordinated than I am!