Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cheese and butter

I just had a sandwich with cheese and butter.  In a sea of blog posts and newspaper articles about eating a healthy diet in the new year, I felt so compelled to put it out there that I just ate two kinds of fats with a healthy dose of carbohydrates.  Do other people do this?  It's not something I ever did growing up, but I know that lots of Dutch people love the combination.  The mother of the family I stayed with during my first summer abroad in Germany packed them in my school bag for my mid-morning snack, and I've seen it here often enough.  Oddly, I hate the taste of butter and cheese in America.  Maybe it's the kind of butter, or the fact that I've never had truly good Gouda cheese in the States, or maybe it's the kind of bread I can get here.  Whatever the reason, it's really only something I like to eat here, especially on days like today when, despite a reasonable caloric intake, I feel like I'm starving.  I blame this on three things: my metabolism has to readjust after the truly gluttonous holiday season, I'm breastfeeding a hungry hippo (or maybe just a baby), and I've finally started running again.  I'm sure dietitians the world over are shaking their heads in disapproval over my fat, fat, carbo combination.  To that I will say that I am finally not hungry.

1 comment:

  1. 1) Your body's telling you what you need. Listen to it.
    2) Really good butter and cheese are harder to find in the US (especially at reasonable prices), though I'd match Widmer's 8 year cheddar to just about anything in Europe.
    3) I miss my Mom's grilled cheese, heavy on the butter.
    4) You asked about the chocolates... I might be going commercial this year or next.