Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still kickin'

James just informed me that I should post at least a few sentences on this blog, assuring readers that the malaria did not kill me.  And neither has Nigeria.  Yet.

However, as I write this I realize that I have probably spoken to every single blog reader in the past three hours.  So you all know that I am cured of malaria (after one month of avoiding the doctor and then - finally - two shots in the bum-bum by a distinctly unsympathetic nurse).  Now the only excuse I have for not posting on the blog is sheer, unadulterated laziness.  But I would like to point out, in my defense, that a day of research in Nigeria requires a long recovery period and involves drinking of Coke and watching of bootlegged movies, not writing of thoughtful blog posts.  (Also, I am quite lazy.  But look James - I've written more than two sentences!)

So.  Here is my solemn vow: to try with all my might to avoid malaria for the next two months -- to resist the temptation of okadas, even though I love the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair as we weave around taxis and fly across potholes -- to continue my quest for those elusive things we call "documents" or "historical sources" so that I might one day write a dissertation (fingers crossed, people! seriously) -- and to eat many delicious and non-delicious Nigerian foods and report back to you, our dear readers.

And, finally, some photographic proof that I remain among the living:

(Learning how to plant cassava on the Iheanacho's farm, which is right next to our house.  I claim to be making plans for my own farm.  Abigail finds this fabulously funny since she's on to me and propensity for sitting around.  But I have big plans; I just need to buy a hoe and some seeds!)


  1. I am so glad you overcame the propensity to laziness and actual wrote more than three sentences to assure us you are indeed still fighting the good fight in Nigeria!


  2. Don't really know you Regan, except through the blog, but I am still happy you are over the malaria. :)

  3. Wow, comments - thanks everyone! Yes, over the malaria and back to eating questionable street food - I'll let you know how it goes!