Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Weather

Just a few images from my run through the city yesterday.  Unlike the East Coast and parts of the Midwest, Amsterdam is not buried under a few feet of snow.  Good thing, too, because the Dutch don't deal with it very well.  When there was a weekend of heavy snowfall in December, it pretty much crippled public transportation, especially the trains, for a few days.  The night before yesterday, there was just a light dusting that fell, making everything all white and pretty again.  The wind was at my back on the first part of my run making me think it was much nicer weather than it really was.  I didn't take any pictures on the way back because of the tiny snowflakes pelting my face and eyes like shards of glass.  Kind of painful, but at least I got out of the house. 

In honor of the Olympics beginning this week, I stopped at Stadium from the 1928 summer games.  you can see that Dantes is not pleased to be outside.

I saw only a few people in the park.  It was kind of nice feeling as if I had it all to myself.

Here I am standing at the base of the only hill in Amsterdam.  On the park maps, it is actually called "The Hill," denoting its solitary status in an otherwise flat landscape.  Makes hill training kind of hard when there is only one.

I noticed just yesterday these posters plastered all over the city. It's a speed skater holding his skates in one hand and a sandwich in the other, and it's a promotion from the bread council.  I don't know who the guy in the poster is, but he's probably famous.  The Dutch love the sport of speed skating probably almost as much as they their bread products.

And for dinner last night, Niek made a lentil soup with rookworst: a great one bowl meal, perfect for a night on the couch watching Inspector Morse.

How's the weather in Ibadan, Regan?  My guess is that you are not cold.

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  1. No, I'm not cold! But I am jealous of you (not the running part . . . the snow and sausage parts). Want to warm up with a quick trip to Ibadan?