Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to the Grind

I've been back in Nigeria for just over a week and I'm already looking back fondly on all of the delicious food I ate in the Netherlands.  Have I mentioned the sausage yet?  And I could cry thinking about all of those opportunities that I had to drink milk and I didn't . . . what was I thinking?!  Now I'm back to tinned milk, which actually isn't so bad when mixed into hot Milo (a chocolate drink beloved by children . . . and me).  But then there are the times when you can't make your nightly mug of Milo because you don't want to dump anything down the sink because the snake-lizard-thingy who moved into your kitchen and you've named Babatunde has fallen into the sink and can't get back out ---

After spending an entire day living in my sink, Tunde and I decided that our cohabitation just wasn't going to work.  So I fished him out with a bowl and a dustpan and set him free in the wilds of the backyard.  And then I made a steaming mug of Milo with tinned milk.  Yummmmm.  (It turns out that tinned milk + lizard companion > plain old milk!)

(By the way, in addition to Tunde, I have a monitor lizard, a wild cat/lynx (true identity still under discussion) and something called an owawa, which my dictionary describes as a "dog-like creation that climbs down trees head-down" living in my yard!  The security guard has informed me that any one of these creatures would taste delicious, but I am hoping NOT to blog about cooking my backyard companions anytime soon.)

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