Monday, November 23, 2009

Pumpkin Pie, what does it take? Pt. I

Thursday is Thanksgiving, and there is not a turkey or a paper, pilgrim hat in sight around here. Not a surprise, since my favorite American holiday isn't celebrated outside the U.S. Last year I had a pretty miserable turkey day, redeemed only by a good pot of chili and seasonal beer. While there is no cranberry sauce or stuffing in the picture for this year, there will be, come hell or high water...a pumpkin pie.
I've been told by my mother, cookbooks, and my favorite cooking bloggers that making your own pumpkin puree is absolutely more effort than it's worth. That is why I brought back about eight cans of Libby's last year before I left the States. My stash is now gone, and if I want to have a little piece of deliciousness with a side of whipped cream this week, I am going to need to make a little more effort than usual. Thus begins my foray into pumpkin pie making, Amsterdam style:

Step 1: Find adorable pumpkin at your local Moroccan supermarket.

I have no idea what kind it is, but it was small, giving it a better chance of being sweet, and it was my only choice.

Step 2: Take said pumpkin home, scoop out the innards, cut it into pieces, place pieces on a cookie sheet, and set in the oven for an hour.

Step 3: Let pieces cool. After a few hours, peel skin from the softened insides and dump into a bowl.

Step 4: After failing to mash the pieces into a smooth consistency with a fork, pull out your trusty hand blender and crank it up to the highest setting for about five minutes. The result will be a bright, orange substance that looks somewhat like cans of puree I so easily used to purchase at the store.

It's now sitting in my freezer waiting to be made into a pie later this week. Stay tuned for part II, when I figure out what a suitable substitute for evaporated milk is.

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